Coffee With A Conscience
For those of you who are concerned about the use of chemicals, deforestation of the Rain Forests, and Social Issues in the coffee growing process, please know that we do our best at finding and offering coffee that is organic, forest and people friendly.

Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and Bird Friendly Certified coffees range in price from $10 - 18 per pound for roasted blends.  These certifications cost the producers money,  both in fees and in changes to their methods to achieve the standards. The extra money the farmer receives for the coffee is often entirely dependent on what the consumer is willing to pay for the social and environmental benefits. Although more expensive than regular coffee, there is far less cost to the environment and peoples lives. That being said, there are also many individually-owned farms, estates, and farms that use hired labor, that meet or exceed these standards but are not eligible or can't afford certification.

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Fresh Ground Available!!

For more than 6 years we have been roasting green coffee beans here in Sandwich NH into the most delicious roasted coffees.  Enjoyed for some time by friends and family, a loyal following of folks began requesting our fresh roasted coffee to enjoy in their own homes and to give as gifts.   At the end of 2015 we began selling at the Sandwich Farmers Market. Now you can order our Fresh Roasted Coffee here on line.  We will be roasting once a week to fill orders. Thanks!!!   Tom & Annie


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